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Quality Improvement Statement

Quality Improvement (QI) is a commitment to continuously improving the quality of healthcare by focusing on the preferences and needs of the people who use the services. It is an evidence-based approach that helps primary care free up time to deliver initiatives and embed new approaches more effectively and efficiently into practice. QI helps GPs to make the most of their systems, organisations, talents and expertise to deliver better outcomes for patients.

 In primary care, we don’t have time or resources to spend on things that don’t work, don’t serve our patients, and that could be done more efficiently or effectively. ‘What good looks like’ changes over time and we want to encourage everyone to engage in QI activities on a broader level, irrespective of where they are on the quality spectrum.

At Lonsdale we are committed to constantly reviewing and improving the service we offer our patients and service users.

Some examples of quality improvement we have undertaken include

Quality Project Details Improvements Made/Results
Review of Capacity and Demand ( November 2019) Using the newly purchased Edenbridge Apex and working with a Consultancy Company called Libera, we have reviewed and redesigned.


  • Recruitment for a Senior HCA
  • Changes to the balance of routine and urgent problems 
Telephone Triage Detailed Audit ( October 2019) Our FY2 GP Trainees undertook a detailed audit of the patients 
  • We now can evidence the number of outcome slots we will need pre-merger and post merger
  • Have reviewed the system to understand what patient problems we are closing over the phone and which we need to see. Using data to continue to review
End of Life Care ( Ongoing )