Lonsdale Medical Group

24 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RR

Telephone: 0207 328 8331 (75+ line available on request)


If you are unwell and cannot wait until we are next open, please call 111.

Award Winning Wellbeing Cafe, Wednesday 11-1 pm at the Lonsdale.  Please come along for hot drinks, company, and a friendly welcome!

Clinics and Services

We offer a wide range of clinics and services at the practice from a range of health care professionals to help you manage your health and well-being.

These include..

GP telephone and face-to-face appointments: at the moment more than half of our appointments are face-to-face. Some patients prefer the convenience of a phone call. We can also offer video consultations at your request, please let the team know when you book the appointment so this can be set up. We also have some weekly routine home visit slots for our housebound patients.

Nursing appointments: we have an experienced practice nurse offering smears, wound checks, immunizations, and injections as well as long-term condition and minor illness management.

Healthcare assistant clinics include health checks (NHS health checks for those over 40, diabetes health checks, and pre-diabetes health checks),  injections, blood tests, ECG’s and 24 hour blood pressure

Phlebotomy: we have three phlebotomists who take blood tests (over 16’s) and also help with our flu vaccine program. Children who require blood tests will be referred to the hospital for this, so please speak to the GP about this.

Clinical Pharmacist team: we have 4 clinical pharmacists who monitor a range of long-term conditions (including blood pressure, diabetes, and lipid clinics) as well as audit and check our high-risk medications prescriptions, and repeat prescriptions.

Physiotherapy: we have a physiotherapist two days a week running a triage service for patients with recent onset musculoskeletal problems.

Social prescribing: our social prescriber works two days a week at the practice helping patients with a wide range of issues such as finance, housing, benefits, advice around community service and support

Minor surgery: we have an experienced doctor (Dr Abdul Naem) doing a day of minor surgery a week at our Blessings site for a range of benign skin conditions including lumps, bumps, skin lesions, and joint injections. Please ask reception about this (or use our e-consult service) so that we can fit you in. (this is not for suspected cancerous lesions).

Mother and Baby 8-week checks: we offer a check at 8 weeks that includes the 6-week postnatal reviews for mum and the 8-week baby check including vaccines.

Over 75’s Line: we have a dedicated phone line for patients over the age of 75, monitored and answered by our superb and experienced team Sue and Anne to help those patients more easily access the clinic for help

HUB / extended hours service: we are fortunate in hosting the extended GP hours for our network: this is undergoing expansion at the moment (from October 2022) and is being expanded as they recruit staff to run Monday to Friday 18.30-20.00 and Saturdays 09:00-17:00: this is for pre-booked appointments only.

Self check POD: in our waiting room at the Lonsdale you are able to check your own blood pressure, height, and weight and have this information entered into your record automatically (if you wish). Please ask reception when you arrive and they can help you with this.

Long-acting contraception coil and implant fitting, by Dr Phoebe Gallagher at the Blessings site.

We also work with a range of community teams including district nurses, the palliative care team, the urgent home visiting team STAARS among others.

Microsuction for earwax removal: we are hosting a private doctor-led microsuction service at the practice now for earwax removal, impacted ear wax, problematic ear infections, and foreign bodies. At the present time, community ENT is not funded in Brent on the NHS, but we are hoping to change that! Watch this space.. but in the meantime please visit the Lonsdale Ear Clinic website to book private microsuction at the practice.



Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    GP extended hours service until 8pm: pre-booked only
  • Tuesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    GP extended hours service until 8pm: pre-booked only.
  • Wednesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    GP extended hours service until 8pm: pre-booked only
  • Thursday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    GP extended hours service until 8pm: pre-booked only
  • Friday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    GP extended hours service until 8pm: pre-booked only
  • Saturday
    09:00am to 03:00pm
    Pre-booked Nurse and HCA appointments and GP Extended hours Hub service: pre-booked only
  • Sunday
    Remote GP morning service: pre-booked only
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