Lonsdale Medical Group

Lonsdale Medical Centre |24 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RR

Current time is 03:34 - If you are unwell and cannot wait until we are next open, please call 111.

Blessing Site |307 Kilburn Lane, London, W9 3EG

Current time is 03:34 - If you are unwell and cannot wait until we are next open, please call 111.


Telephone: 020 7328 8331 - ((75+ line is available upon request)) Lines open from 10am until 5pm (closed for lunch)


Lonsdale Medical Group Telephone Appointment System Overview

GP surgeries everywhere are dealing with high demand for patient care with a severe shortage of doctors, nurses and receptionists; and will thus need to make urgent requests priority.

Please be patient if you have requested a non-urgent appointment or a routine request .

Please do not come into the surgery if you have symptoms of Covid-19, or have tested positive for Covid-19.

If your condition is urgent or life-threatening, then please dial 999.

Main Reception Line: 020 7328 8331

75s and Overs line: Please ask for number when you speak to an administrator


There are several ways to book an appointment:

Call the Practice:

Phone  0207-328-8331  (Press Option 1)

Bookings, amendments, and cancellations can only be done between 08:30 – 1130, and between 14:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. 

75’s and Over Line is now up and running: Open from 10:00 until 17:30 Monday to Friday, (closed between 13:00-14:00).

If you are turning 75, or recently have and would like the 75’s Line number; please ask one of our administrators.


Patient Access:

Using your Patient Access account, you can book a telephone consultation with a doctor, nurse appointment (including smear tests), and blood tests. 

For blood tests, please ensure you have either been sent a text message inviting you to book i.e. annual bloods, or have already had a consultation with a doctor advising you to book as blood tests require authorisation from a clinician first. 

  • ‘On the day’ Patient Triage Appointments are also available via Patient Access. This is an additional option to urgently contacting the surgery as an alternative to calling us directly. Please ensure to add as much information as possible. A member of the Lonsdale Team will triage your booking within 4 hours and contact you with an outcome either by text or call. If the problem is deemed not urgent and routine, a planned appointment will be organised and you will be contacted with your appointment details. Where condition requires a same-day response from the doctor, he or she will call or text you with further instructions. (Although the appointment slots are timed, please ignore this, as it is only done for administrative purposes).

For more information on this please click here:

‘On the day’ Patient Triage Appointments


e-Consult: Using the online consultation service makes it easier for us to quickly decide how we can best help you with the least amount of disruption to your day. The service is free and confidential, and forms are reviewed by a GP or Pharmacist. Simply answer questions about your symptoms online, and the practice will get back to you with general advice or signposting, a telephone consultation or, if necessary, we’ll get you booked in for an appointment.  You can use the system weekdays; Monday to Friday only. You can also use the system to send administrative queries if you have a question relating to test results, fit note requests, letters, medical reports or have a general enquiry. For more information on this please click here, (Bottom-right to request general advice):https://lonsdalemedicalcentre.webgp.com/react-consult-general-advice?codeName=GEC_GEN#EC
  • Please note, for acute conditions (severe and sudden in onset), your local pharmacy can provide the necessary medication to treat the condition, minimizing the time between appointment and receiving treatment. We may ask you to seek OTC (over the counter) medication where a clinician deems acceptable to do so and condition is easily treatable. 


COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments: 

If you are eligible, you can book your own Covid vaccination appointment via Patient Access, calling the surgery, emailing the admin team at admin.lonsdale@nhs.net, or completing an e-Consult.

Please note, Lonsdale Medical Group has limited availability of vaccines and only provides the Pfizer. Please call the surgery to be booked in via our PCN (Primary Care Network) extended services called K&W, with sites at The Swaminarayan School in Neasden, and Wembley Centre for Health and Care, should you wish to have an alternative vaccine.

You may have already been sent a message from K&W inviting you to book for the Covid Vaccines, please note, this is not fictitious, and is a service operated by the NHS.

Please check you are in the eligible cohort before booking:


Test results:

Test results are only provided between 11:30-12:30 by calling 0207-328-8331 (Option 2)

Standard blood test results are available 48 hours after appointment.

Other test results make take longer (cervical smears can take 2-6 weeks), however all results are accessible via Patient Access.

All results require a clinician to finalise the results, and therefore may initially show up as ‘provisional’. Please allow 1-3 working days before checking again. 

Some results may come back as ‘abnormal’ however please note this is a standard response for any results that come back from the laboratory outside of the margin of typically ‘normal’. Results are permitted to run above and below the norm within a certain capacity, and thus clinicians go through all results taking into account patient’s medical conditions. 

You will only be contacted by the team if your doctor needs to discuss your results. 


Secretarial Team: 

For assistance with hospital referrals, private work such as insurance forms, or matters relating to medical records, queries should be emailed to admin.lonsdale@nhs.net with the subject header: FAO Secretary team.

Please note, there is currently a backlog of 30 days+ for Private work.

If you are chasing up a referral, please ensure that it has surpassed 6-8 weeks before contacting us again to chase up – We do also advise


Appointment Type Information Potential Outcomes

New problems or problems that have got worse 


If you are unwell and feel your condition requires our attention on the day, please call the Practice.

For anything else, please book an

appointment via our online access system or complete an E-consult



  1. If you have completed an E-consult, we may correspond with you via email or text and aim to contact you 1-2 working days
  2. A timed telephone appointment. The call back maybe 1 hour either side of the time slot.
Routine Appointments
Appointment selections are released online
daily at 07.00 am and two weeks in
advance—bookings by phone or online access.
Aim to book with the same Doctor who has
been dealing with your condition. If your
doctor is not available, our team work closely together and will liaise as needed.
  1. A timed telephone appointment. Please note the call back maybe 1 hour either side of the time booked.
Long Term Condition Review

The Month of Birth System

The Practice is proactively calling patients due for their review. If you feel you are overdue for your review, please book an appointment online or contact us. 


We are trying to keep the continuity of care and aiming for you to get a call back from your usual GP. 




  1. Telephone appointment to review your condition and plan for the next year. Please note due to COVID-19, we are only seeing patients following a telephone review.
  2. Where possible, one appointment to cover all your conditions.